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My name is Jon Sorrentino and around 2016, I started creating short cooking videos and photographing food in my kitchen on the weekends. This was a way for me to experiment, try out new mediums, and expand my skills as a designer. I also made a ton of tasty food in the process. Eventually my creative appetite grew into wanting to share the stories of other creatives in the industry and understand what it takes to grow a fulfilling creative career. Since then I have launched a podcast with over 10,000 listens and connected with hundreds of young creatives all over the world.
How it started
The Wellfed instagram was created.
The first season of the podcast launched.
After 3 seasons Wellfed has over 10,000 listens.
Podcast Guests
  • New guests coming soon...
  • Jon Key
  • Gabby Lord
  • Louisa Cannell
  • Aundre Larrow
  • Kevin Lyons
  • Aaron Barksdale
  • Love Injection
  • Little Troop
  • Eric Friedensohn
  • Amber Vittoria
  • Rich Tu
  • Jacquelyn DeJesu Center
  • Danny Owens
  • Verena Michelitsch
  • Carly Ayres
  • Sebastian Speier
  • Alex Center
  • Lucas Camargo
  • Jeremy Cohen
  • Zach Mack
  • Lydia Pang
  • Katie Hector
  • Rebecca & Rowen
  • Jeremy Perez-Cruz
  • Vincent Conti
  • Evan Sung
  • Alex Lau
  • Magnus Atom
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