Creative Director and Founder of ilovecreatives Puno Went from the Video Game Industry to Owning Her Own Studio and Teaching Design

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A web designer and digital entrepreneur, Puno is a Digital Educator & Founder of ilovecreatives, a platform connecting and edu-taining creatives living that slashie life. I first encountered Puno through her humorous Squarespace design course advertisements which stood at as a unique approach to the online education space. After doing my research and learning about Puno's diverse background starting as an art director and working her way to leading UX design on Activision's Call of Duty, I couldn't wait to have Puno join me as a guest on the podcast.

Image courtesy of ilovecreatives
Image courtesy of Puno
Image courtesy of ilovecreatives
Image courtesy of ilovecreatives
Image courtesy of Puno

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